Classified as an antihistamine, meclizine is sold as a capsule and as a regular and chewable tablet under various brand names including dramamine, antivert and medivert.

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Th mdication goup was tatd with Valium mclizin, both cntally sdating mdications. Ov a six-wk tatmnt piod, all goups potd a duction in symptoms, but only th vstibula habilitation goup showd signiicant objctiv impovmnt in scos obtaind om postuogaphy and standing balanc tsts.

Ttat vtigo, you may nd ttak Antivt sval tims daily. ollow you docto’s instuctions.

Antivt (mclizin) is an antihistamin that ducs th cts natual chmical histamin in th body.

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