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To avoid inadvertent clomiPHENE citrate administration during early pregnancyappropriate tests should be utilized during each treatment cycle to determine whether ovulation occursThe patient should be evaluated carefully to exclude pregnancyovarian enlargementor ovarian cyst formation between each treatment cycleThe next course of clomiPHENE citrate therapy should be delayed until these conditions have been excluded.

You should seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist about taking this medicineThey can help you balance the risks and the benefits of this medicine during pregnancy.

Fetal/Neonatal AnomaliesThe following fetal abnormalities have also been reported during postmarketing surveillancedelayed developmentabnormal bone development including skeletal malformations of the skullfacenasal passagesjawhandlimbectromelia including ameliahemimeliaand phocomeliafootand jointstissue malformations including imperforate anustracheoesophageal fistuladiaphragmatic herniarenal agenesis and dysgenesisand malformations of the eye and lenscataractearlungheartventricular septal defect and tetralogy of Fallotand genitaliaas well as dwarfismdeafnessmental retardationchromosomal disordersand neural tube defectsincluding anencephaly

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