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As with levodopaperiodic evaluations of hepatichematopoieticcardiovascularand renal function are recommended during extended therapy.

General supportive measures should be employedalong with immediate gastric lavageIntravenous fluids should be administered judiciously and an adequate airway maintainedElectrocardiographic monitoring should be instituted and the patient carefully observed for the development of arrhythmiasif requiredappropriate antiarrhythmic therapy should be givenThe possibility that the patient may have taken other drugs as well as SINEMET should be taken into considerationTo dateno experience has been reported with dialysishenceits value in overdosage is not known.

NMS is an uncommon but life-threatening syndrome characterized by fever or hyperthermiaNeurological findingsincluding muscle rigidityinvoluntary movementsaltered consciousnessmental status changesother disturbancessuch as autonomic dysfunctiontachycardiatachypneasweatinghyperor hypotensionlaboratory findingssuch as creatine phosphokinase elevationleukocytosismyoglobinuriaand increased serum myoglobin have been reported.

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