Chloramphenicol is especially useful for temporal lobe abscesses of otitic origin which usually yield a mixed bacterial flora including anaerobes such as bacteroides fragilis.

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Transient burning or stinging sensations may occur with the use of ophthalmic chloramphenicolSerious side effects include hypersensitivity reactions that may manifest as angioneurotic oedemaanaphylaxisurticariafeverand vesicular and maculopapular dermatitisTreatment must be discontinued immediately in such cases.

Development and evaluation of a chloramphenicol hypertonic ophthalmic solution.

If a concomitant topical treatment to the eye is requiredthe administration of the different products should be separated by an adequate period of time.

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metabolic acidosis is an early sign of chloramphenicol toxicity and is often refractory to sodium bicarbonate administration.